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    Why does the PTSA Fundraise?

    Our PTSA is an independent non-profit organization with a mission to enhance and support the educational programs and environment at Kimball Elementary. Only a small portion of the PTSA's budget comes from PTSA membership dues paid each year. To provide the support to our school and children, to make certain programs possible, and to bridge the gap between public funds and actual expenses, WE FUNDRAISE. In order to raise funds, the PTA conducts a variety of fundraisers to fit everyone's preference.

    How YOU can help!

    Cash Donations

    There are numerous ways to make a cash donation! All donations are tax deductible and your company may match your contribution.

    1. Mail checks made out to Kimball PTSA and mail it to the school.

      Kimball PTSA
      c/o Kimball Elementary
      3200 23rd Ave S
      Seattle, WA 98144

    2. Drop off checks made out to Kimball PTSA at the school front desk.
         3.  Donate via Paypal.
    paypal link

    Kick-Back from Amazon

    Did you know that with just a few simple clicks of a button, you and your friends and family can raise money for Kimball Elementary? Kimball will get a "kick-back" when you purchase from Amazon if you use this link below to get you to the website.

    Click the image above or follow the directions below.

    Just copy and paste the link into your browser.

    You might see this funky page that says "There is a problem with this website's security certificate" but it's really okay. Click on the link "Continue to this website (not recommended)." Really, it's okay... :)

    That's it! Do you shopping, purchase and Kimball will receive a percentage of your purchase - anywhere between 3% and 6% depending on what items you buy.

    Please pass along to anyone who shops at Amazon and might not mind an extra step to help a really great school and students!

    PCC Scrip Card

    scrip card rechargeableDid you know that just by using a PCC Scrip card for PCC purchases, you and your friends and family can raise money for Kimball Elementary?

    Kimball will get a 5% "kick-back" when you make purchases using your Scrip cards. Easily recharge the card with money each time you shop or online.

    Purchase a rechargeable PCC Scrip card from Aimee Noel. Contact her at:

    Additional information at


    If you can't give financially, we'd love to have you participate in our next fundraising adventure! Lend your skills, talents and enthusiasm in raising funds to support Kimball students and staff and families. Help us plan and carry out our fundraising program – the opportunities are endless!

    Contact Alaron Lewis, PTSA President, for the next volunteer opportunity at