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    (William C. Towner Library Media Center)

    Library Overview

    The library provides a unique environment for celebrating literacy, learning to use information effectively and delivering support for the curriculum standards and student achievement. At Kimball, students come to the library at least once each week. These periods include whole-group lessons focusing on literature appreciation and information skills. Each period also includes time for students to check out books.

    Kimball parents and caregivers are encouraged to use our library as well. Parents may check out 10 books at a time and keep them for up to a month. It takes just a few moments to sign up for an account, so stop on by!


    We participate in the Global Reading Challenge sponsored by the Seattle Public Library. Teams of fourth and fifth grade students read 10 books and participate in a school-wide challenge that tests their knowledge of these books. The winning group represents Kimball in further city-wide competitions.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Student volunteers are an important part of the Kimball Library. Fourth and Fifth graders are recruited and trained to shelve books and complete other essential library tasks. Thank you, students! Parent volunteers also make a big difference– stop by if you've got a few minutes free!

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    Library Catalog
    Online Student Resources

    Contact Info

    Librarian: Carter Kemp
    Phone: 206-252-7326
    Main Office: 206-252-7280


    8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.